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All our themes are compatible with iDVD 6 or later (including iLife '11). All our products are now downloable so if you purchased a ThemePAK in calendar year 2009 or 2010 you are entitled to a free update of the new download version. Please note that the new downloadable ThemePAK products no longer use animated backgrounds like the old ones did.

If you need assistance with installations or would like to ask a question, please click the appropriate button and we will get back to you within 24 hours. If you do not require a response and would just like to give us feedback, click the feedback button to send us your thoughts, ideas or suggestions.


Are the themes compatible with iLife '11?

Yes. iDVD 7.1 is part of iLife '11. All our products are compatible with iDVD 6 and 7.

Why don't the new themes use animated backgrounds from the old themes?

We elected to change over to still backgrounds to allow for easier delivery to customers via download and to allow customers the ability to download any single them they may wish to purchase. It also allows us a much easier process of updating themes and distributing the updates to customers.

Will themes still work in standard mode?

Yes. All themes have been programmed to layout fine when a project is changed over to the standard screen ratio from widescreen.

Do you have themes for older versions of iDVD?

We only have themes for iDVD 6 & 7. These versions of iDVD were part of iLife '06, '08, '09 & '11. We only support products for these versions of iDVD.

How can I build my own themes?

The answer to that question would take a very long tutorial. It is something we are considering creating for the web site but nothing has been decided yet.

Do you have themes for iMovie?

No. Due to the complexity of creating themes for iMovie and the lack of access to Apple proprietary tools we have no plans to develop themes for iMovie.